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Flora on Madison provides an exquisite selection of luxury eveningwear to Mother-of-the-Bride & Groom that gives every mother a moment in the spotlight. Dresses that put a new-season spin on forever-classic wedding looks are tailored for the modern mother of the bride or groom. 

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Browse through a wide range of curated selections - we have feminine florals, muted pastels, and rich burgundy and navy hues for every season, dress code, and theme.

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Search for the curated collections of quintessential evening gowns from the leading designers in New York .Flora on Madison is here to dress you fashionably for your big event.

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Modern-Day Dress Selections

With our timeless design collections and mesmerizing mix of beading, artfully draped crepe, embroidery, and ruffle trims, you'll lead the bridal party. It's your day too, after all.

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Anne Barge | Black Label

Bryn Warp Strapless trumpet Floral Gown 


From the back to front, this evening gown by Anne Barge reveals a buoyant vibe with a touch of class to the mother-of-the-bride-and-groom. The floral details of this figure-accentuating gown help you be the something blue of the bride-to-be.

Peter Langner

Strapless Mermaid Full-Length Dress


An amazing décolleté to emphasize your clavicle and tanned shoulder. This full-on-floor-length, dark blue dress with varying shades of blue accents makes you stand out from the bridal party but does not steal the attention of the crowd to the bride.


Flora on Madison

Off-Shoulder Metallic Mermaid Full-Length Dress

Nothing brings more class and elegance than a dress that resembles gold. It is a color that never goes out of style.
Moreover, this is the perfect dress for conservative mothers looking for a dress that represents modernity with a touch of extravagance.
This is a full gown that fits the mother-of-the bride-and-groom who wants to make a statement. Let this majestic gown speak for itself.

Gemy Maalouf

Asymmetrical Embellished Lime Evening Dress


This elegant designer dress from Gemy Malouf helps you stand out from the crowd. However, it does not prevent everyone from admiring the beauty of the bride.
As the bride wears white, you help her stand out with this lively and high-end fashionable lime dress. This is the perfect mother-of-the-bride-and-groom luxury dress for those who want to express their high-spirited personality.

Anne Barge | Black Label

Imari Strapless Floral Long Gown with Delicately Embroidered Lace


This dark-colored gown with floral accents helps combine modernity and timelessness. It is the perfect high-end design for the mother-of-the bride-and-groom looking for a full-length evening gown that showcases elegance and authority.

Let the event know who is the mother-of-the bride-and-groom with this classy and sophisticated long gown.

Peter Langner

Boat Neck Silk Chiffon Full Gown with V-Shape Backline and Woven Chiffon Band


This Peter Langner light-colored gown is a perfect color for any wedding where the bride wears a bright white dress.

This light-shade chiffon dress helps the mother-of-the bride-and-groom stand out from the crowd. However, it does not overshadow the elegance of the bridal dress.

This high-end designer dress is for you if you seek comfort and style from a gown.

Anne Barge | Black Label

Arielle Metallic Lamé Strapless Long Gown


Pleated skirts can be high-fashion when incorporated by world-renowned designers. This Anne Barge dress showcases a modernized look with a dominant metallic Lamé and silk lining. It is a full-length gown that transforms pleats into a glamorous addition to a modernized mother-of-the bride-and-groom dress.

Marco y Maria

Elegant Long-sleeves Full-Length Dress


As timeless as a Jane Austen novel, Marco Y Maria brings you class with intricate asymmetric designs. It is a masterpiece designer gown that combines and transforms neutral colors into a classic and modernized dress for the mother-of-the bride-and-groom.

Moreover, add this to your options list if you seek conservative attire for the special occasion.

Anne barge | Black Label

Remy Strapless A-Line Dress with Angular Draping


This glamorous dress accentuates the curves of a woman. However, it does not over-accentuate in a way that it loses class and elegance.

This mother-of-the bride-and-groom evening gown is the perfect option for those looking for a designer dress that highlights femininity and modernity.

Anne Barge | Black Label

Carmen Capelet Off-shoulder Metallic Long Gown with Intricately Designed Capelet


To complete our lists. Here is a modernized classy long gown with a hint of floral accents. The off-shoulder capelet with floral designs on the top makes this gown a glamorous yet conservative dress for mother-of-the bride-and-groom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eveningwear Gowns

Some of our most asked questions on what you can expect, how to book a visit, and other need-to-knows about your experience at Flora on Madison.

Behind every successful event are planners. A move without a plan is like entering a war without any weapons. 

Here are the top five things to consider before you select your mother-of-the bride-and-groom evening gown:

    • The color of the bridal dress
    • The wedding theme
    • Your budget
    • Your target evening dress features
    • Your fashion sense

Six months before the wedding is the earliest ideal time to start mother-of-the bride-and-groom dress shopping. It gives you ample time to try multiple designer brands from various stores.

Ensure you know the wedding theme, bridal dress colors, and designs before you pick yours.

You may not know it yet. However, the mother-of-the bride-and-groom has a crucial role in the wedding. One of those responsibilities entails not overshadowing the bride.
Some specialized boutiques focus their expertise on mother-of-the bride-and-groom evening gowns.

The expertise of these salons helps mother-of-the-bride-and-groom pick the perfect dress that complements the wedding theme and bridal party.

It is a wedding-day mistake to wear a similar mother-of-the bride-and-groom dress with the bride.

Instead, choose a dress that complements the entire bridal entourage. You do not want to blend in with the glamor of the bridal party. However, you do not want to steal the attention of everyone from the bride.

There is no one mother-of-the bride-and-groom dress design that fits everyone. The right dress is the one that makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, it should be a dress that represents your generation in a way that still showcases modernity and class.

The perfect one is the gown that makes you and the couple happy.

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